Jasmine Reyes (Elizabeth Kaye) is a normal shy girl who fall in love in Michael Castillo (Nathan Suzuki) a boy who is popular in school and also had a secret passed.

Eternal LoveEdit

Eternal Love

Airing Date

June 25,2012-September 7,2012

Total Episodes




Preceded By

The Road to Happiness

Followed By

Colorful Dream



Main Cast

  • Elizabeth Kaye as Jasmine "Jas" Reyes
  • Brian Harris as Michael Castillo
  • Alexander Suzuki as Milo Villanueva
  • Regina Angeles as Yumi Santos
  • Rachel Bay as Anica Soriano

Supporting Cast

  • Karl Stewart as Kenneth "Ken" Bautista
  • Mika Nozaki as Michelle "Michy" Sandoval
  • Anna Uy as Jessica "Jessie" Montano
  • Natasha Kozlowski as Bea Lazaro
  • Kayla Yamamoto as Christina Villanueva
  • Margaret Fuentes as Olivia Castillo
  • Bianca Moreno as Belinda Cruz-Reyes
  • Sam Nevada as Dave
  • Justin Jones as Michael Moreno

Guest Cast

  • Sharmaine Johnson as Leslie Santos
  • Gabriel Sterling as Jake Villegas
  • Mike Olinares as Young Michael
  • Corrine Evans as Teen Olivia
  • Hamilton Javier as Nicholas "Nico" Montreal
  • Pablo Dominguez as Samuel Reyes

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