Do Re Mi (TV series)

Airing Date

April 9,2012-June 1,2012

Total Episodes





Musical, Drama, Romance

Opening Theme Song

Do Re Mi by Franchesca Mays, Eunice Hyland, and Tinkerbell Dominguez

Ending Theme Song

One Last Song by Franchesca Mays, Eunice Hyland, and Tinkerbell Dominguez

Directed By

Mirabelle Sonez

Regina (Franchesca Mays) Doreen (Eunice Hyland) and Mikey (Tinkerbell Dominguez) were childhood friends and dreams to be a singer when they grow up, so 10 years later they went to Manila to audition and hope that they will passed. But as they travel through Manila some unexpectable events happened they got in a car accident and got in a place called San Agustin and there they met Anthony (Alden Garcia) a rich and famous dancer in that place and Julius (Gabriel Sterling) the cousin of Anthony.


  • Franchesca Mays as Regina Ledesma
  • Eunice Hyland as Doreen Cabrera
  • Tinkerbell Dominguez as Mikey Luna
  • Alden Garcia as Anthony Molina
  • Gabriel Sterling as Julius Romero
  • Xavier Cruz as Alex Garcia

Supporting Cast

  • Corazon Enriquez as Gloria Ledesma
  • Bianca Salcedo as Anette Cabrera
  • Enrico Leguizamon as Emillio Ledesma
  • Fatima Mercado as Josephine Ledesma
  • Samuel delos Reyes as Gerald Luna
  • Yolanda Montenegro as Christina Luna
  • Alyson Peralta as Anya
  • Krista Flores as Giselle
  • Shana Mays as Angel
  • Ronnie Lee as Uno
  • Sonny Isidro as Brian
  • Marvin Quezon as Patrick

Guest Cast

  • Katrina Hyland as Young Regina
  • Cathleen Hoffman as Young Doreen
  • Ella Chang as Young Mikey

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